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Alkali-resistant Primer HX-K66

Architectural Emulsion

Alkali-resistant Primer HX-K66

HX-66 is anti-alkali emulsion,copolymerized by acrylates and functional monomers,modified acrylic polymer,single component. With small particle size and good penetrating performance, after film formation, it is water resistant, alkali resistant, with good adhesion and sealing capacity.

This product is suitable for producing various exterior and interior wall sealing primer, and interface adhesion agent for extruded board for wall thermal insulation etc.




    HX-K66 is anionic emulsion copolymerized with acrylic ester and functional monomer, resulting in a product with small particle size and excellent permeability. It offers a wide range of benefits including good water resistance, alkali resistance, and adhesion after film formation, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

    One of the standout features of HX-K66 is its sealing performance, making it well-suited for creating interior and exterior wall sealing primers. Its ability to effectively seal walls against moisture and other environmental factors make it an ideal choice for construction and renovation projects. In addition to its sealing properties, HX-K66 also serves as an interface treatment agent for extruded boards used in wall insulation. This multifunctional product provides a cost-effective solution for addressing various sealing and insulation needs.

    When it comes to interior and exterior wall sealing, choosing the right primer is crucial for ensuring long-lasting protection. HX-K66 offers the perfect combination of durability and performance, allowing for a reliable sealing solution that stands the test of time. The product's excellent water resistance ensures that walls remain protected from moisture, helping to prevent damage and deterioration over time.

    In addition to its sealing properties, HX-K66 also excels in providing adhesion after film formation, allowing for a strong bond between the primer and the substrate. This ensures that the primer remains in place, providing continuous protection against environmental factors. The product's alkali resistance further enhances its durability, making it a reliable choice for both interior and exterior applications.

    HX-K66's versatility makes it an excellent choice for interface treatment agent for extruded boards used in wall insulation. The product's ability to effectively seal and protect the boards helps to enhance their overall performance, contributing to improved energy efficiency and thermal insulation. This makes HX-K66 an essential component in creating a well-insulated and protected building envelope.









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    Small particle size, good hardness and strong sealing capacity.