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Elastic Acrylic and Styrene Waterproof Emulsion HX-418 for Single and Two-component Cement Waterproof Coating


Elastic Acrylic and Styrene Waterproof Emulsion HX-418 for Single and Two-component Cement Waterproof Coating

HX-408 is acrylate styrene copolymer,non-toxic, tasteless,it is odorless product is not only safe for the environment, but also for the end user. With its pollution-free formulation, HX-408 is the epitome of an eco-friendly choice for various applications.odorless and pollution-free. It is an environment-friendly product with excellent elasticity and strength, strong adhesion, good elasticity, and fine particle size with good powder and pigment compatibility.



    It can add a variety of powders to reduce costs while having good mechanical properties; 
    What sets HX-408 apart from other products on the market is its ability to add a variety of powders to further enhance its mechanical properties. This not only makes it a cost-effective solution, but also a customized one, allowing for tailored formulations to meet specific project requirements.

    The emulsion has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and high tensile strength.It is widely used in production of single component waterproof coating and two component JS (polymer and cement) waterproof coating.

    The particle size of emulsion monomer is small,That is, the emulsion is quite stable while stored or transported. And it has good permeability on concrete surface. So it has good bonding and adhesion with the wall and roof.

    It is compatible with pigment. So it can be used to produce waterproof coatings with different colors. The waterproof coating is not only for the waterproof membrane but also decoration.

    It has high elasticity. The waterproof coating made from it can cover slight cracking seam and adapt to the deformation of base surface. 



    Tg ℃

    Solid content %

    Viscosity cps/25℃


    MFFT ℃







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    Weather resistant, heat resistant and aging resistant. Good tensile strength, Small particle size, Compatible with pigment, High elasticity, Good bonding and adhesion with base surface. Simple formula, Easy to paint