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Waterproof emulsion | Waterproof Emulsion HX-406


Waterproof emulsion | Waterproof Emulsion HX-406

HX-406 is a high-quality styrene acrylate copolymer emulsion that is perfect for producing various waterproof coatings and other construction materials. This versatile emulsion offers a range of unique characteristics and advantages that make it an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications.



    The HX-406 emulsion is known for its excellent flexibility and high strength, making it a great choice for producing two component cement-based waterproof coatings and single-component waterproof coatings. Its raw material can also be used to produce slurry and thermal insulation mortar, providing even more flexibility and versatility for your construction needs.

    One of the key characteristics of the HX-406 emulsion is its high elasticity, which allows for superior flexibility and durability in the finished products. This flexibility is further enhanced by its high tensile strength, ensuring that the coatings and materials produced with the emulsion will be able to withstand the rigors of construction and usage.

    In addition to its flexibility and strength, the HX-406 emulsion also offers excellent wrapping power of powders. This means that it can effectively bind and encapsulate other materials, providing a strong and secure coating that will protect and enhance the performance of the finished product. Furthermore, the emulsion is compatible with a wide range of pigments and powders, allowing for endless possibilities in terms of color and texture for your construction materials.

    The advantages of the HX-406 emulsion extend beyond its unique characteristics. The emulsion also boasts good compatibility with other materials, ensuring that it can be seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of construction products and processes. Its versatility and adaptability make it an ideal choice for any construction project, providing reliable performance and high-quality results.

    In conclusion, the HX-406 styrene acrylate copolymer emulsion is an excellent choice for anyone in need of high-quality construction materials. Its exceptional flexibility, strength, and compatibility make it a reliable and versatile option for producing waterproof coatings, slurry, thermal insulation mortar, and more. With the HX-406 emulsion, you can trust that your construction materials will perform at their best, providing long-lasting durability and superior performance for your projects.




    Solid content %

    cps/25℃ Viscosity cps/25℃









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    Packing and storage

    Package:  Plastic tank or bucket.
    Packing: 50kg, 160kg or 1000kg
    Storing and transporting conditions: In unopened container and in a ventilated cool dry place, avoid being exposed to direct sunlight. Temperature for transportation and storage: between 5 and 35℃. Higher temperature or high humidity may reduce shelf life.