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Acrylic and Styrene Architectural Emulsion HX-302 for Exterior and Interior Wall Coating

Architectural Emulsion

Acrylic and Styrene Architectural Emulsion HX-302 for Exterior and Interior Wall Coating

HX-302 is styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion,single component.

This revolutionary product has been designed and engineered to deliver superior dry and wet adhesion of the coating film, making it an absolute game-changer in the industry.

One of the key features of HX-302 is its unmatched scrub resistance, which is significantly higher than that of ordinary styrene acrylic emulsion.



    In addition to improved scrub resistance, HX-302 also addresses the common issues of water absorption and whitening of the coating, offering a solution that greatly enhances the overall performance and appearance of the coated surface. Furthermore, the weather resistance and stain resistance of the coating have been significantly improved, providing added protection against the elements and ensuring that the surface maintains its pristine condition for longer periods of time. 

    It is mainly suitable for stone-like paint, interior and exterior wall paint, especially for middle grade latex paint on exterior wall. In low temperature season, appropriate quantity of film formation additive need to be added.

    With HX-302, you can be confident that your coated surfaces will not only look great but also withstand the test of time. Our product has undergone rigorous testing and has proven its ability to deliver outstanding results, making it a top choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.




    Solid content

    Viscocity cps/25℃


    Applicant area






    Economical interior and

    exterior wall coating, medium

    and low-grade exterior wall coating

    Product Display

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    Good load carrying capacity, excellent brushing performance.

    Packing and storage

    The package is 50kg 160kg or 1000kg plastic drum. Storage tanks should be corrosion resistant. This product should be stored in unopened container in a ventilated cool and dry place, avoid exposing to direct sunlight.The proper environment temperature for its transportation and storage is between 5 and 35℃. Storage at higher temperature or high humidity may reduce shelf life.