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Pure Acrylic Textile Emulsion HX-929 for High Grade Silk Cotton and DuPont Cotton

Textile Emulsion

Pure Acrylic Textile Emulsion HX-929 for High Grade Silk Cotton and DuPont Cotton

HX929 is acrylic polymer emulsion. It is designed as glue to treat wedding and padding for clothing and beding. It is mainly used for high-grade silk-like wadding and Dupont wadding. It is eco-friendly and meets the requirements of European standards.




    The silk-like wadding treated by HX-929 can replace eiderdown and cotton stuffed into clothing as thermal material. After calendering and ironing, the silk wadding treated by HX-929 has smooth and flat surface, moreover the wadding has  silk-shinning, Soft texture, good thermal insulation effect and  excellent water resistance. It won’t deform. It feels totally like eiderdown, soft, smooth and very light. The surface of this wadding seems like silk with good tensile strength and softness. After being washed many times, the wadding won’t deform at all. It can be used as wadding of high grade winter clothes, quilts, padded mattress an so on.




    Solid content %

    Viscosity cps/25℃









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    Water resistant, Heat resistant, Stable quality, High tensile strength, Soft texture
    Heated surface of silk-like wadding treated by HX-929 is quite soft, smooth, shiny, and environment-friendly.


    Textile Emulsion HX-929 is a versatile and high-quality product that plays a critical role in the textile industry. This emulsion is specifically developed to meet the demands of various textile printing and coating applications. With its exceptional adhesion and durability, Textile Emulsion HX-929 is well-suited for use on a wide range of textile substrates, making it a popular choice among textile manufacturers and printers.

    One of the key features of Textile Emulsion HX-929 is its ability to provide strong adhesion to textile surfaces, ensuring that the emulsion bonds securely to the fabric. This is essential for achieving high-quality and long-lasting results in textile printing and coating processes.

    Furthermore, Textile Emulsion HX-929 is known for its excellent resistance to environmental factors such as moisture, heat, and chemicals, making it suitable for use in diverse industrial settings. Its robust nature ensures that the printed or coated textiles maintain their integrity and appearance even under challenging conditions.

    Additionally, Textile Emulsion HX-929 offers ease of application, allowing for smooth and efficient processing in textile production facilities. Its formulation is designed to facilitate uniform spreading and drying, contributing to improved productivity and consistent results.

    In summary, Textile Emulsion HX-929 is a reliable and high-performance emulsion that fulfills the stringent requirements of the textile industry. Its superior adhesion, durability, and resilience make it an indispensable component in the production of high-quality printed and coated textiles. Whether used for screen printing, fabric coatings, or other textile applications, Textile Emulsion HX-929 consistently delivers exceptional performance, making it a preferred choice for textile professionals worldwide.