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Ceramic Tile Adhesive I Ceramic Tile Adhesive HX-3086


Ceramic Tile Adhesive I Ceramic Tile Adhesive HX-3086

With good elasticity, excellent water resistance and alkali resistance, it is suitable for bonding various stones:

●Paste after brush in 20 minutes

●Strong water resistance

●Strong adhesion

●Strong alkali resistance

●Good flexibility, suitable for alpine regions in three northeastern provinces of China.




    Ceramic tile back adhesive is an acrylate copolymer, with good elasticity, strong adhesion, excellent water resistance and alkali resistance, mainly used in wet paste a variety of natural stone, ceramic tile, granite, marble, artificial stone, and a variety of large wall and floor tile, improve the bonding strength and waterproof performance,it can also be used to form adhesive back warp net for easily broken stone in order to enhance the damage resistance and permeability resistance of the stone, the bond strength of the ceramic tile and the base is greatly improved by the adhesive, and the problems such as stone hollow drum and falling off caused by temperature stress are overcome. At the same time, it has the function of waterproof and impermeability, which can significantly improve the anti-alkali ability of the base surface.


    Test Item

    Performance Index


    Uniform milky liquid



    Solid content,   %


    PH Value


    Glass transition temperature,(Tg)℃



    Tensile bond strength Mpa

    Standard curing 0.5


    After immersion 0.5


    After freeze-thaw cycle 0.5


    Permeability resistance

    500mm water spout,24h no-leakage

    Product Display

    Ceramic Tile Adhesive (2)v9gCeramic Tile Adhesive (2)k8kCeramic Tile Adhesive (5)9lh

    Direction for Use

    Construction tool: rolling brush or brush.
    Preparatory work before coating: clean the surface dust and sundries, remove the loose parts and sharp points, make the base surface flat and firm, the product cannot be used if there is  greasy dirt or batik on the base surface. 
    Waiting time: Stick the ceramic after the tile adhesive gets transparent.
    Storage: Store in a dry and cool place, the environment is around 5~40℃
    Construction condition: Construction is prohibited outdoor in rainy,snowy and windy weather, the environment temperature should be around  5~35℃. 
    Shelf life: 6 months.If it exceeds the shelf life, it can still be used after inspection.