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Architectural Emulsion -- Architectural Emulsion HX-303HA


Architectural Emulsion -- Architectural Emulsion HX-303HA

HX-303HA, the latest and most advanced engineering Stone like paint emulsion developed by our company. This revolutionary product addresses all the common issues found in ordinary Stone like paint emulsions, providing a high-quality and reliable solution for all your construction and painting needs.



    HX-303HA is core/shell type acrylic polymer emulsion for extra value engineering stone-like paint newly developed by our company, which balances the common problems of ordinary stone-like paint emulsion,such as viscosity rise in the production process,sand blasting and cracking during construction,not to mention the case that the paint film turns white and soft when exposed to water,and poor adhesion in the construction process.

    However, with HX-303HA, these issues are a thing of the past. Our formula balances all these problems and delivers outstanding performance.

    And the comprehensive performance is high and reliable. The use of hydrophobic monomers and other latest highly active excipients greatly reduces the free components in the emulsion, significantly reducing the water-resistant white of the paint film, and reducing the risk of easy white in the construction of stone-like paint under low temperature and high humidity environment.

    High Tg makes the film hard and stain resistant. The low MFFT makes the construction more tolerant to environmental changes. Ultra-fine particle size improves the coating power of the emulsion, resulting in a brightly colored and dense, even paint film that is resistant to sanding in both wet and dry conditions.

    In addition, our product uses more UV-resistant raw materials, making it more resistant to yellowing compared to the general styrene-acrylic emulsion available in the market. This ensures that your paint will stand the test of time, maintaining its vibrant color and quality for years to come.




    Solid content

    Viscocity cps/25℃


    Applicant area






    Exterior wall, stone-like coating

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    Low VOC, excellent water and alkaline resistance, good adhesion, good color development, good weather resistance.