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Anti-alkali Anti-cracking and Anti-mould Waterproof Sand Fixing Agent 500A/500B

Sand Fixing Agent

Anti-alkali Anti-cracking and Anti-mould Waterproof Sand Fixing Agent 500A/500B

500A is a pure acrylic emulsion with unique functional monomers, while 500B is a styrene acrylic emulsion, also with special functional monomers added. Both are specially formulated to provide exceptional adhesion and protection against water damage.

When combined, they create a powerful waterproofing agent that can be easily sprayed directly onto surfaces, penetrating deeply and forming a strong bond with the substrate.




    This cutting-edge system is designed to offer comprehensive protection, including waterproofing, alkali resistance, mildew prevention, sand fixation, and resistance to cracking. It is the ideal solution for a range of applications, including roofs, exterior walls, bathrooms, basements, and garage back surfaces. These are areas prone to alkali return, sanding, and the need for wall-penetrating waterproofing and anti-seepage reinforcement.

    In addition, this system can be used for the preliminary treatment of waterproof construction base surfaces. By applying a layer of 500A waterproof sand-fixing agent to the sandy base surface, followed by regular waterproofing operations, the waterproof layer becomes firmly attached to the substrate. This process greatly enhances the effectiveness of the waterproofing, eliminating the need to remove sand from the base surface before construction.

    Our one-component waterproofing system offers a convenient, cost-effective, and reliable solution for a wide range of construction and waterproofing needs. With its exceptional adhesion and protective properties, it is sure to improve the durability and longevity of any structure. Try it today and experience the difference!


    1.Improving the physical strength of concrete base gradually with the passage of time. 
    2.Improving the chemical-resistance, weathering resistance and waterproofing.
    3.Replacing other waterproof material, it can be used on roofs or exterior walls with waterproofing, moisture resistance and mould resistance. 


    Test Item

    500A performance index

    500B performance index


    Uniform milky white liquid

    Uniform milky white liquid

    Solid content %



    Viscocity cps/25℃

    300 - 600Mpa.s

    300 - 600Mpa.s

    PH value

    4 - 6

    6 - 7




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    Waterproof and impermeable reinforcement of roof, exterior wall, toilet parts prone to alkali return and sand rising, basement and garage back surface. It can also be used for the preliminary treatment of waterproof construction foundation surface. A layer of 500A waterproof sand consolidation agent is sprayed on the foundation surface with sand particles. After drying, conventional waterproof operations are carried out to ensure that the waterproof layer is fastened to the foundation surface, greatly improving the waterproof effect, and eliminating the process of removing sand particles from the foundation surface before construction.